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Welcome to Mansi Vohra Classes, your one-stop destination for the best CA Foundation and Intermediate classes and comprehensive CA preparation. Our institute is renowned for its exceptional coaching and proven track record of producing successful Chartered Accountants. What sets Mansi Vohra Classes apart is our unique teaching methodology, designed to simplify complex concepts and make learning enjoyable. We provide a well-structured curriculum, supplemented with practical examples and real-life case studies, to ensure a deeper understanding of the subjects.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and technology-driven approach enable an interactive learning experience. Students have access to comprehensive study materials and online resources to support their CA classes and exam preparation.

At Mansi Vohra Classes, we believe in personalized attention, and our batch sizes are deliberately kept small to facilitate personal doubt-solving sessions. Regular assessments and mock tests help gauge your progress and identify areas that need improvement.

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CA Foundation

CA Foundation is a required stepping stone in your journey to becoming a CA, and we understand the importance of laying a strong foundation. Our expert faculty comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to nurturing your potential and guiding you toward success.

CA Intermediate

Our CA Intermediate courses are designed to build on your foundational knowledge and prepare you for your next step towards becoming a Chartered Accountant. We have an expert faculty of highly qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to nurturing your potential and guiding you to success. We ensure you are well prepared to succeed in your CA career with comprehensive content and a supportive learning environment.

11th Class

provides the best faculty for all streams of 11th class, with an intense focus on strengthening the student's confidence and preparing and speeding their pace of learning.

12th Class

provides wholesome classes for the 12th class, with a system that helps students score high marks in Board Exams without them compromising on their other academic needs and aspirations. A Doubt Removal System for helping students in overcoming the obstacles they have stumbled upon during the span of their preparation.


BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) are undergraduate degrees focusing on business and commerce-related subjects, providing foundational knowledge for various business careers.


LLB typically stands for "Bachelor of Laws," which is an undergraduate law degree. "Caching class" might not directly relate to LLB. If you could provide more context or clarify your query, I'd be happy to assist you further.

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